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 Lou Schuyler Copywriter

Take two identical businesses, one is highly successful and the other just does “okay”. 

What makes the difference? Well, it’s not some sort of magic…and it isn’t really a secret formula.  

So WHAT makes one so much more successful? 

Both businesses have good locations and both have a website…so it’s not that. 

Both have friendly, knowledgeable, courteous employees…so it’s not that. 

Both are so similar that without the names and logo, you couldn’t tell the difference. 

Yet one leapfrogs ahead of the other in sales, time after time. 


What Is That Special Something? 


Why does one business do better? What is that “special something” that moves it ahead of the competition? 

In short, it is powerful, engaging, and compelling copy. It’s on their website. It’s in their newsletters. It’s in their sales brochures, sales letters, and all of their written materials. 

It’s copy that tells your story in a conversational tone that puts your clients at ease and engenders their trust in you. It’s a mink-glove soft turn of phrase that relaxes you and draws you deeper into the story so that you can't stop reading. 

It stirs up your natural curiosity, ignites your passions, and sometimes awakens deep-seated fears…to the point that you must know more. 


What Is A Blue-Collar Copywriter? 


Simply put, it is a copywriter (like me) who writes in a casual, laid-back, conversational tone. (just like you’re reading now) It’s the way you talk with your friends and family, but it’s in written form. 

Many of us come from a blue-collar background, whether it is from our parents or grandparents…and so we are most comfortable around other people who speak that way. In other words it’s a casual but straightforward tone without pretense, that has that friend-to-friend feel. It causes people to relax and drop their defenses, enabling you to get your message across. 


Engaging Your Clients 


As a blue-collar copywriter, I use this casual tone to engage your clients or prospects. And…because most people (yes, even the white-collar folks) use blue-collar English—this casual tone puts them at ease. Just look at some of your competitors’ websites or sales material. Notice how the really good ones are engaging, easy to read, and make you feel as if you know them. 

Most of the good sales copy you read is written in blue-collar English. So, if you need more clients…or just need stay connected to the ones you have—call The Blue-Collar Copywriter and we’ll get started. 


Regarding My Prices 


I’m semi-retired. That means I like to keep busy, but not TOO busy. The pricing guidelines on another page are just that…guidelines. In other words, the prices are negotiable. A lot of my focus now is on writing electronic newsletters to help businesses like yours keep their clients engaged. Call me and we’ll discuss your project. (813) 786-5375 or email at gdschuyler@prodigy.net