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Lou Schuyler Copywriter

About Me

My name is Lou Gehrig Schuyler (pronounced Sky-ler), but everyone calls me “Pancho” or Lou. (And, yes, I'm named after the 'Iron Man of Baseball'. My father played on the Yankees farm team before I was born.)

I live in Tampa, Florida with my lovely bride of 25+ years.   

I fell in love with the written word as soon as I could read and have been writing since I was in grade school. Once I discovered that I could make a living as a copywriter…it was off to the races. 

I’ve owned a variety of businesses such as construction, disaster restoration, restaurants, bars and I’ve managed others. I’ve spent a lot of time in sales and marketing and helped to teach seven Dale Carnegie courses on Public Speaking and Human Relations. 

COPYWRITING—I’ve written: 

·         A fundraising letter for a non-profit group that brought in $25,000 on its initial mailing and continues to draw donations. 

·         A commercial website sales page that generated $10,000 per month in sales. 

·         A fundraising letter to a cold list generated an unheard of 3% response rate (for a charity in another country) and got me on TV in that country. 

·         News Releases 

·         Radio Commercials 

·         Letters to the editor (for clients) 

·         Corporate Reports 

·         Website content 

·         Commercial blogs 

·         Speeches 

·         A software user manual 

·         Brochures and sales materials 

·         Developed a series of print media ads 

  • Monthly e newsletters

More background: 

·         Graduate of Dale Carnegie Public Speaking and Human Relations Course. 

·         Seven-time volunteer Graduate Assistant to Dale Carnegie Instructors 

·         Started, operated, and managed a variety of businesses from construction and emergency disaster restoration to restaurants and bars. 

·         Participated in the launch of a non-profit organization and serve on the Board of Directors. 

·         Co-chaired the Sant’ Yago Illuminated Knight Parade for 5 separate years 

·         Chaired or co-chaired a variety of functions for the Krewe of Sant’ Yago 


·         Graduate of American Writers & Artists Institute’s (AWAI’s) Direct Response Copywriting Program (Considered to be the best in the industry) 

·         Graduate of AWAI’s Masters in Copywriting Program 

·         One of the earliest inductees onto AWAI’s “Wall of Fame”. 


·         Graduate of Dale Carnegie Sales Course 


·         Graduate of The American Society of Certified Restorers Certified Restoration Course 


·         United States Marine Corps veteran. 


·         Participated in the Big Brother program and have had two little brothers (now grown) 

·         Organized a team for Paint Your Heart Out Tampa for three years 

·         Fifteen-year member of The Krewe of the Knights of Sant’ Yago and help raise funds for The Sant’ Yago Education Foundation 

·         Founding member of Krewes Kare, a 501-(c) 3 organization dedicated to hurricane relief. Developed the concept of “The World’s Largest Hurricane Party” as a fundraiser and serve as a board member of Krewes Kare.