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For Immediate Release 




This Time It’s Personal 



Eric Arens, a member of The Krewe of Shamrock, joined The Krewe Kares Council to help the people of Mississippi ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. 

During the days and weeks as he gathered supplies and ferried them to Angels Flight Southeast, it was for nameless strangers…just fellow Americans in need. 

Hurricane Wilma made it personal.   

Eric’s mother was in the path of destruction. 

Unable to reach her by phone, he decided to go to Deerfield Beach and bring her back to Tampa. 

“The devastation was unbelievable,” he said.   

“Luckily, I had two donated generators and a chainsaw with me.”   

“I used the chainsaw to clear downed trees from my mother’s street, so that emergency services could get to the elderly people there.  

“I left it with the people still there, so they could begin cleaning up.” 

“One of the generators is providing power to a house with 10 people in it, one of them on oxygen.”   

“So I know Krewes Kare has saved at least one life.”   

“The other generator is supplying power to 4 condo units for elderly people.” 

When asked about how bad it was, he stated, “The pictures on the news give you no idea of the scope of the damage.  “ 

“It looks as bad as anything I’ve seen from Katrina.”  

“It will be weeks, if not months before they get back to anywhere near normal.” 


We Need Your Help 


Krewes Kare and Angels Flight Southeast have expanded their mission to help fellow Floridians hit hard by Hurricane Wilma. 

“We need the help of the entire community,” says Yvonne Painton, Chair of Krewe Kares Council.  “It could have just as easily been us.” 

On Saturday, October 29, many members of bay areas’ 57 Krewes will be at Kuhn Honda Volkswagen, 3900 W. Kennedy Blvd., from Noon to 5p.m. to collect items for the relief effort.  Some will be in costume and handing out beads. 

Kuhn Honda Volkswagen has graciously donated space and will provide refreshments. 

Look for the pirate ship! 

Items needed include tarps, chainsaws (commercial-grade),personal hygiene products, tools, and bedding supplies. 

For a more detailed list go to the Krewes Kare website at www.kreweskare.org

Come help your fellow Floridians and fellow Americans. 

See you Saturday. 


For further information, contact IKC Chair-Elect Xxxxx Xxxxx at 813.xxx-xxxx chair@interkrewe.org or IKC Outgoing Chair Xxxxx Xxxxxxx at 813.xxx-xxxx bonneyread@aol.com.