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Can this 2000 year-old ‘miracle tea’ 

melt away fat, smooth your skin, 

and…flush disease right out of your body? 


It sounds unbelievable…but, read the stories  

of people who’ve gotten slimmer, sleeker, sexier, and healthier  

simply by drinking two 50-cent glasses of tea. 


If you’re tired of paying for diets, gym memberships, and pills or potions where the only thing you lose is your money…read on. 


  Don’t make a decision until you’ve read the amazing story of  

Dr. Miller’s Integri-Tea. 

 Then use your own common sense to find out if it’s right for you.  

So, if you’ve tried diets, pills, and medicines…and they haven’t worked,  

this is a must-read!


Dear Friend, 


   It all began when I gave my new “tea” to some friends to ‘test’ it. I wanted to see if it would help them lose weight by detoxifying their systems. That was nearly 30 years ago. When folks started telling me about the results they were getting…I was amazed! I had expected them to lose a little weight, but they far surpassed my expectations. 


   At first it was just a few of them…but as I gave my “tea” to more people, more and more of them came to me with the amazing stories you see on these pages. I realized that I had a chance to make a positive impact on the health of many people. People who had given up hope of ever being slender and healthy ever again. Read their stories, then decide for yourself if my “tea” will work for you. 


It all started almost 30 years ago. 


   You’ve seen body builders in the contests on TV. They look like’ perfect specimens of the human body. Oh, sure. They’re ‘lean and mean’ and look healthier than anyone you know. Well, here’s their “dirty little secret!’ 


   If you saw one of those guys about a week after that contest…you wouldn’t recognize them. You’d see that they had puffed up like the Goodyear blimp. Now…I’ll tell you why that is. Just keep reading. 


   Years ago in college, I was big into sports and athletics. During my undergrad years, I studied biology at Lambuth Methodist University. During this time, I also founded a health and fitness club. Through this health club, I became involved in organizing and promoting the “Mr. Tennessee” Bodybuilding Contest and helped train some of the contestants. 


   These bodybuilders would have to get very lean and ‘cut’ in order to compete. The idea was to define every muscle in the body. To do this they would ‘literally starve’ themselves for weeks before a contest. They would exist on canned tuna, lettuce and water only. And…they were miserable. 


   As soon as the contest was over, they’d go back to eating their normal diets and they would gain 10-15-20 or more pounds in less than a week…all of it in fat. It was almost like watching a balloon inflate. There’s no way that this was healthy. 


   What happened was, their bodies would go into survival mode. It’s a natural instinct as old as mankind. After going hungry for so long, their bodies would convert all food to fat and store it for the next ‘crisis.’ 


Why all diets are ‘doomed’ to fail! 


I realized then, why diets are always doomed to fail…so I set off on a quest for another way for people to lose weight. 


   You see, besides the body builders, there were a lot of regular folks who came to the gym. They’d sweat and strain while trying the latest fad diet or the newest weight-loss pill or concoction. And, sure, they’d lose weight…for awhile. But then a funny thing would happen. (I’m sure it wasn’t funny to them.) 


   They would begin to gain weight again…even if they stayed on the diet and continued to work out. Most of them would gain back all of the weight they lost…plus more. So, what was going on here? 


Their bodies were rebelling against them! 


   Nature took over and their bodies went into crisis mode…just like it did with the body builders. These folks were fighting a losing “battle of the bulge” if you will. There had to be an all-natural way for people to take weight off…and keep it off. That’s when I began my quest for the answer. 


   About that time, I noticed a certain group of people who stayed lean and fit even while eating a high fat diet. These people lived in the western rural areas and eastern mountains of Tennessee. What was their secret…and was it the key I was looking for? 


   I noticed that these farmers and mountain-dwellers stayed healthy and fit even after moving to the towns and cities. Even after adopting an urban lifestyle and eating junk food like their neighbors…they didn’t get fat. Obviously, dieting wasn’t the key. These folks were hearty eaters. It had to be something else. 


It was while studying for my Master’s Degree that I discovered the secret! 


   As I pursued my studies, I began to make friends with some of these transplanted farmers and mountain dwellers. I discovered the one thing they had in common.  


   They pointedly avoided doctors and modern medicine. They had grown up in an area and time where people relied on herbs and tonics to keep them healthy.  


   They used formulas that had been passed down through generations. Formulas from back in the pioneer days, when no doctors were available. they had treatments for everything…a tonic for this, a poultice for that, but none of theses things explained how they stayed thin. 


I began to seek a common thread. Then, one fateful day, I found it! 



“Spring cleansing and a daily tonic and ‘yer good to go.” 


   One day I was giving an old farmer a ride and I commented on his health and fitness for his age. He replied, “Yup, a spring cleansing and a daily tonic and ‘yer good to go.”  


   When I heard those words, a light bulb went off in my head. I knew I’d found the “secret” of these folks’ health. Though the family recipes were different in small ways, they all had a common base of certain plants and herbs. They brewed them into a tea or “tonic.” Some folks even used them in salads and other parts of their daily meals. 


   Buy now, I’d began to painstakingly research each of these plants and herbs these folks used in their “daily tonics.”  I combined some of them to increase their effectiveness and finally created a blend for a tea or “tonic” that produced amazing results. 


Results so startling, they became the thesis for my PhD. 


   When I started to develop my Integri-Tea, I had certain criteria that it had to meet.   


Those criteria were that it had to:  


ü  Be all-natural with no additives, chemicals or fillers. (The idea was to reduce the toxins in the body, not add to them.) 

ü  Be safe and easy to use for anyone. (Making a gallon of tea is about as easy as it can get.) 

ü  Be affordable to the average person. (About a dollar a day is well within everyone’s reach.) 

ü  Enhance the integrity of the body’s self defense mechanisms. (To compromise your immune system would be self-defeating.) 

ü  Work with or without dieting. (I’ve never seen anyone stay on a diet for very long.) 

ü  Help maintain optimum health. (What good is losing weight if you lose your health along with it?) 


 (Caveat: The government says that I can’t tell you that Integri-Tea works. But…they say I can show you testimonials from people who’ve used it, and they can tell you the results that they got. That’s legal because it falls under free speech and the first amendment. I know, I know…what about my free speech? Hey! Who can figure out the workings of big Government?)  


   When I was ready, I gave this new “tonic” to a few friends to try out. They raved about my “new tea” to anyone who would listen. As more and more people tried the tea…I made copious notes about the results. That’s when I began to amass a file of thousands of testimonials from the people who were using the tea.  


   Armed with my Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science, I wrote a thesis about the results of my studies with the tea. I was awarded my doctorate or PhD. Since then, I’ve continued to refine the formula. I’ve worked closely with hundreds of people who had given up on ever being thin or healthy again.  


   Now, thanks to the internet, the updated formula for Dr. Miller’s Intergi-Tea is available to everyone. I know if you’ve read some of the testimonials, you’re ready to try it. I know you’re starting to get excited. But before you do, I want to tell you a few more things about what’s in it. Remember when I said to use your common sense? If you understand how something works, then you’re able to make the decision that it’s right for you. 


What if everything you’ve been told about fat is wrong? 


   In the 80’s they blamed everything on fat in your diet. Now they’re changing their minds. So what are you supposed to believe? 

The fact is, the human body needs fat. Fat produces energy and is important to many bodily functions. Humankind has been eating fat since the days of the caveman. The problem is the synthetic versions used in the manufacture of foods today. They take good fat, infuse it with hydrogen and ‘who knows what else’, and add it to our food. Then they wonder why our body gets sick. 


   Fat is necessary for nerve function, memory, tissue structure, and cell membrane repair. What you need is a way to take excess fat out of your system before it gets stored. Too much of anything isn’t good for you, including fat. Our ancestors instinctively knew how to combine plants to regulate the fats in our system. Modern science would have you believe that a pill or a strict diet can do the same thing. 


   There’s a lot written about Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. None of the “experts” can come to a solid conclusion about the best way to get them. Eat more fish like salmon is one thing they’ll tell you. The problem with that is most of the salmon sold today is ‘farm-raised’ and lacks the Omega 3’s found in wild salmon. If you can find wild salmon it is very expensive and then you’ve got to worry about ‘heavy metal’ contamination. 


    Did you know that back in the 1800’s beef had more Omega 3’s than fish? That was because the beef grazed on the open range and consumed a natural diet. Today’s modern food producers raise beef in feedlots where they are force-fed grains to make them bigger and fatter. Then they are fed growth hormones and antibiotics to keep them healthy in an unhealthy situation. Is it any wonder that your food is killing you? All of these hormones and antibiotics are finding their way into your system. These foreign-to-the-body substances are being stored in your colon and organs. 


   Like the beef of yesteryear, wild venison, elk, and antelope have a mixture of fatty acids that are actually good for the human body. 


 Can Integri-Tea help flush these unnatural substances from your body? 


      I’ve blended Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Holy Thistle, Marshmallow leaves, and Blessed Thistle into a synergistic tea blend to people who have diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid reflux, bloating and constipation, as well as lose weight.  


ü  When I was researching the ingredients for my tea, I came across some interesting facts. One of the ingredients, Persimmon leaves, has been used for thousands of years to control weight. Studies have shown that they bind to the excess fat and help excrete it from your system. There are other benefits as well. This is what I’ve learned about this amazing plant. 

Persimmon leaves: 

   From the Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition, Catholic University of Taegu-Hyosung, Hayang, South Korea- Persimmon leaves are a good source of natural antioxidants such as vitamin A&C and flavonoids. Researchers there found that tannins and flavonoids in persimmon leaves had anti-hypertensive, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-mutagenic properties. 

Researcher J. Lee from Ottogi Research Center in Korea found that rats who were fed persimmon leaves along with a high-fat diet, eliminated more of the high fats from their system. Rats fed that same diet without the Persimmon leaves had an increase in body weight of 114% compared to rats that ate the same diet with persimmon leaves. Lee believes that Persimmon leaves have beneficial effects on homeostasis, constipation, apoplexy, and atherosclerosis. 



ü  Then I looked at the properties of Malva leaves. Malva leaves are the first recorde use of a plant in human history. There was even a city in ancient Rome named Malva. Many cultures today, still use Malva as a substitute for lettuce in salads. It is considered a colon cleanser and an aid to weight loss. Here’s some of what I found regarding Malva leaves. 

Malva leaves: 

    Malva is one of the earliest plants mentioned in recorded human history. Horace mentioned it as part of his simple diet when he stated, “As for me, olives, endives, and mallows (malva) provide sustenance.” The Malva leaves are used as a lettuce substitute and the flowers are used in salads. In China, the Malva plant is grown and used in making an herbal infusion for colon cleansing and weight loss. 



ü  Even the prestigious Mayo Clinic is studying the healing properties of Holy Thistle in relation to the liver and its ability to detoxify certain organs in the body. Here’s what I’ve turned up about Holy Thistle. This is an amazing plant. 

Holy Thistle: 

    The biologically active ingredient in Holy Thistle (Milk Thistle) is Silymarin. According to the Mayo Clinic on their web site, Milk thistle has been used medicinally for over 2000 years, most commonly for the treatment of liver and gallbladder disorders. Their studies indicate that it is helpful in relieving chronic hepatitis and Cirrhosis. They give it a grade of B, which means good scientific evidence for its use. 


   At Pavia University in Italy, laboratory rats had 70% of their liver removed. They were divided into two groups and one group was treated with the active compounds in holy thistle. The treated group regenerated 54.2% more new liver cellsthan the untreated group in the second day of testing. Three days after testing, liver regeneration amounted to 21.6%. 


ü  You’ve put little marshmallows in hot chocolate. You’ve roasted marshmallows over a campfire. But did you know that the plant that originally gave us those confections has been in use for over 2000 years for medicinal purposes? The candies are made from artificial ingredients these days, (much like a lot of our food and drugs) but the plant is used in Europe for medicinal purposes. Here are some interesting facts about Marshmallow leaves. 

Marshmallow leaves: 

   Dating back more than 2000 years, marshmallow leaves have been used to treat a variety of ailments. The Arabians, the Romans and other early cultures used marshmallow for toothaches, inflammation, and irritated skin. Medieval Europeans used it for indigestion and diarrhea. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was known to use marshmallow for many things, including food. Nineteenth century doctors used the roots to make a sore throat lozenge.   


   Marshmallow is rich in calcium, zinc, iron, sodium, iodine, vitamin B complex, and pantothenic acid. 


The German Commission E has approved it as a beneficial treatment for inflamed throat, irritated pharyngeal and gastric mucous membranes. Teas made from the plant are licensed in Germany as standard medicinal teas. 


The British Herbal compendium supports the use of marshmallow for gastroenteritis, peptic and duodenal ulcers, colitis, and enteritis. 


ü  If you have traveled in Europe or have European friends, you’ve probably heard them mention “bitters” as part of their daily regimen. Blessed Thistle is one of the active ingredients in those bitters. Besides being an aid to digestion, blessed Thistle is believed to have potent antibacterial properties. For these reasons, I included it in my Integri-Tea formula. 

Blessed Thistle: 

   Originally, blessed thistle is believed to have originated around the Mediterranean Sea. Then it was grown in monastery gardens where it was considered a heal-all remedy. 


It is a flavoring in Benedictine liqueur and is approved by the German Commision E as an appetite enhancer. It is a component in tonic drinks and bitters. It has demonstrated a powerful antibacterial activity. 


Traditional European and Indian medicines acknowledge Blessed Thistle’s use for anorexia, flatulence, dyspepsia, digestion problems and appetite enhancement. It is world famous for its positive effects on the digestive system and has is used as a glandular tonic and liver rejuvenator. It is believed to be a heart tonic and blood purifier. 



Just let good old common sense guide your decision. 


Buy now, you’ve read the testimonials from folks who have gotten stunning results from drinking my Integri-Tea. As you can see, there are no chemicals or fillers used in Integri-Tea…only the healing plants that nature intended for us to use. Take a moment and ask yourself if you’re ready for a positive change in your life. I can’t force you to take the steps to get slim and healthy…only you can do that. I can make it safer for you to make a decision. I’m going to offer you a money-back guarantee for trying my Integri-Tea


But, before I do, let’s recap everything you’ve learned about Integri-Tea. Remember my criteria when I started to develop the formula. It had to: 


ü  Be all-natural with no additives, chemicals or fillers. (The idea was to reduce the toxins in the body, not add to them.) 

ü  Be safe and easy to use for anyone. (Making a gallon of tea is about as easy as it can get.) 

ü  Be affordable to the average person. (About a dollar a day is well within everyone’s reach.) 

ü  Enhance the integrity of the body’s self defense mechanisms. (To compromise your immune system would be self-defeating.) 

ü  Work with or without dieting. (I’ve never seen anyone stay on a diet for very long.) 

ü  Help maintain optimum health. (What good is losing weight if you lose your health along with it?) 


You’ll feel safe and secure knowing that it’s all-natural with no side effects. 


Buy now I think I’ve shown you that I’ve met all the criteria that I set for myself when I started. I’ve created an all-natural tea that’s easy to use and helps your body’s immune system.  


Nothing could be simpler than drinking a glass of tea, twice a day. And you’ll begin to feel good about yourself as the pounds melt away. Soon, that old feeling of self-confidence will return and there will be a new spring in your step. 


Will you lose 30 pounds by next Tuesday? No, and it isn’t healthy to lose weight that rapidly. Gradual weight-loss is the best thing for your system. Gradual weight-loss and removing the toxins from your body will have you feeling better than you have in years. 


Order now and get this FREE gift worth $39.95. 


I think the testimonials have made the case for using Integri-Tea. Buy now, your common sense should have told you that Integri-Tea is the safe, all natural way to lose weight and regain control of your health. It’s easy and safe to use. Join the thousands of people who’ve recaptured the joy of living a full and healthy life. People who are proud of their new bodies and are enjoying going to the beach, boating, dancing, and hiking, again. 


Order your risk-free, one-month supply of Integri-Tea today. A one-month supply is only $29.95 plus $4.95 S&H. as a bonus to new customers; I’ll include a package of my Integri-Cleanse. Integri-Cleanse is designed to kick-start your detoxification and weight-loss program. Integri-Cleanse sells for $39.95…but it’s yours FREE with your first month’s supply of Integri-Tea. I’m doing this for two reasons. I want you to experience the maximum benefits of Integri-Tea. My Integri-Cleanse will help purge the toxins from your system so the tea can work more efficiently. Plus, I know that once you’ve experienced the full effects of Integri-Tea, you’ll be a happy, healthy customer for life. 



You have my personal 100% money back guarantee!  


I’m so sure that you’ll be thrilled with IntegriTea that I’m offering you my personal 100% guarantee. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the results you see with Integri-Tea, simply return the unused portion and I’ll will send you a complete refund (less shipping). 


Here’s another fact. In 30 years, I’ve never had to return anyone’s money for Integri-Tea. But, then again, all I’ve ever heard from my customers is how well it works. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this and for using your common sense. I know you lead a busy life and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help you lead a healthy life. 


Sincerely yours, 


Dr. Bill Miller 


P.S. Speaking of common sense, take some time and “Google” the ingredients in my Integri-Tea. I’m positive you’ll agree that nature has given us some amazing all-natural ways to stay healthy. After all, the natural way is much better than synthetic drugs or genetically modified food.