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Why do I call myself a “Blue-Collar” Copywriter?

Well…I come from a blue collar background (as do many of us) and I’m a fairly plain-spoken type of guy. I write the way I speak—in a conversational, friendly, casual, and non-threatening tone. This is the way most of us carry on a conversation (unless, of course, you’ve got that preppy, I’m-above-it-all tone going on.)  

When we’re in a casual setting amongst friends, colleagues, or relatives…our conversation is less formal, friendlier, and much more relaxed. This is why so many great deals get done on the golf course. People are open and receptive when they are among friends. And that’s when sales are made. 

Although I came from a blue collar background, I was blessed with the gift of gab and a talent for writing. I leveraged those gifts and talents by taking courses in copywriting and marketing and paying attention to trends in the marketplace. I started out doing direct response marketing and moved into other areas.  

The newest area for savvy businesses is in the social media arena. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn are just a few of the various forms that are growing exponentially. This represents a whole new opportunity for businesses to engage potential customers as well as existing customers.  

It can be a gold mine or a mine field. You have to know how to engage your audience. Above all, you’ve got to be real! This new media is so far removed from traditional avenues of advertising, that it has caught a lot of people by surprise. But you’ve got to love the potential! 

Anyway…if you want something written in a casual, friendly, approachable style (you know—the kind that people actually read…and then buy from), then I’m your guy. If you want to know more about social media marketing, give me a call. 

One simple and inexpensive way to stay engaged with your clients is a monthly e-newletter. Using email services like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and Aweber (to name a few) can put your name in front of 500 people for as little as $15 dollars a month. If the content is useful and relevant, they'll forward it to others...expanding your reach.